Replacement Battery Ni-MH Super Capacity 3800mAh for iRobot Roomba + Brush Kit for iRobot Roomba 700 720 750 760 770 772e 776 776p 780 782e 786 786p 790Series

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Super Capacity Battery Roomba: new super 3800mAh; iRobot Roomba Battery work time: 2.5 – 4 hours.
Replacement Accessories Kit for Roomba iRobot 700 Series: Compatible with all roomba 700 series (700 720 750 760 765 770 772 772e 774 775 776 776 776p 780 782 782e 785 786 786p 790 etc.)
Compare with other Roomba batteries: Made with the highest quality materials. Our Replacement Battery for iRobot Roomba has a longer life with a much lower price.
High Quality: Roomba battery pass through REACH, CE, ROHS, MSDS Certification Authority etc. comfortable to use in operation.
Package Includes A Set of 14: 1 x new super 3800mAh Battery Roomba; 6 x Filters; 3 x 3-Armed Side Brush; 1 x Bristle Brush; 1 x Flexible Whipping Brush; 2 x Cleaning Supplies

Why do you want to choose this product?
Because our products are tested by innumerable products and tested by several models.
Can offer customers a supreme experience.

Compatible with:
New replacement accessories kit for Roomba irobot 700 series-compatible with all roomba series 700-
700 720 750 760 765 770 772 772e 774 775 776 776 776p 780 782 782e 785 786 786p etc.
How to use:
Clean the Roomba filter by knocking it out so that the garbage falls and also ensure the filtering of the micro dust.
Remove the filter and shake it to remove the residues. Do not wash the filter.

Side brush
Use a coin or a small screwdriver to remove the screw.
Remove the brush, clean it and reinstall it.

Clean the extractors. of the Roomba. Remove the hairs from the yellow exhaust hoods of the Roomba (simply pull it).
Do not wash the extractors. or the AeroForce extractor covers.
If you have any other problem with the product, contact us.


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