Efluky mini glue gun with 80pcs Hot melt adhesive

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Our silicone gun heats up in 3-5 minutes and maintains a constant temperature automatically, making it an ideal adhesive for DIY projects in the home, office and school, including metal, ceramics, fabric, plastic, wood, cards, etc.
The propulsion activation device controls the flow of glue, which will help save many more sticks of hot melt glue or silicone. With high quality and an insulated nozzle, the glue gun will not show any deformation, even when used for a long time under 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
It includes 80 pcs of glue sticks which in turn is respectful with the environment (each 0.27 inches * 10 inches), with extra strong adhesive properties and easy cleaning to safeguard your health and that of your items.
You know? The only free thing in the world is to smile. Our friendly and carefree service will work hard for a smile to show on your face. You can contact us directly, WITHOUT RISK OF WARRANTY! If within 45 days, you are not satisfied, send back silicone gun for a full refund and 1 year warranty
Why select 20v silicone gun and us? Our silicone gun has a comfortable and safe switch with LED light mode. It also has deployable and flexible supports to keep the glue gun in a stable and upright position, and thus allow the use of the gun at any angle. When glue gun is working, temperature is low and it does not burn to you, when we do decoration DIY crafts, remember please SAFETY FIRST

How do we use glue gun?
1. Insert the glue stick from the back of the glue gun;
2. Plug to preheat for 3-5 minutes;
3. Pull the trigger to use it (if the glue stick can not be used immediately, leave the adhesive stick left on the gun).

1. Keep the glue sticks clean to avoid blocking the nozzle
2. Prohibited use in flammable and explosive conditions when heated at high temperatures
3. To avoid electric shock during use, do not use it in a humid environment and keep it out of the reach of children.

Glue piston specifications:
Material: aluminum and plastic
Working power: 20W
Working voltage: 100 to 230 volts
Working temperature: 356 to 392
Nozzle diameter: 0.17 - 0.19 cm
Warm-up time: 3-5 minutes
Cable length: 110 cm
Size: 14 * 11 * 2 cm
Color blue

Specifications of hot melt glue
Color: 1/2 transparent
Working time: 10-20S
Size: 0.7 cm (diameter) * 27 cm (length)
Material: EVA


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