Efluky Brushes Spare Parts Kit for iRobot Roomba Series 600 700 – a set of 8

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Color: Black

High Quality– Vacuum cleaner parts are designed to meet or exceed original quality, Compatibility and service life is rigorously tested. Made of high strength material and environmental protection
New spare parts kit for Roomba irobot 600 series-compatible with all roomba 600 series (600 605 610 615 616 620 621 625 630 631 632 639 650 651 660 670 680 681 etc.)
Each Package Includes One Set of 8: 3 x Brush Brush; 3 x flexible beater brush; 2 x Cleaning Tools
UPC: 709445864290

Product description

We are a professional company for vacuum cleaner parts products Manufacture and sale. We have a complete engineering facility for product testing.

Why should we regularly replace Roomba fittings?

Spare parts are not eternal. If we are careful and follow the instructions of the manufacturer, they will appear, but come to a use, the parts come to an end.

We will see how often we need to change Roomba's accessories and how often we need to clean them and show some maintenance recommendations.

The filters
- Conventional filters and Aerovac filters: just like the brushes and the reservoir, the filters should be cleaned from time to time so that Roomba continues to clean effectively.

If we normally empty the tank every 2 or 3 cycles (depending on the dirt of the space) in the Series 500,600 and 700 and after each cycle of cleaning in the 800 Series filters should also be cleaned from time to time, to avoid replacing them so assiduously , Although the manufacturer recommends to change them every 3 months.

The brushes
Do not forget the maintenance of the central brushes.
It is important to maintain the brush carriage well.
Clean the brushes, both central and lateral every 1-2 cleaning cycles and replace them when they are broken or damaged

It is necessary to take into account that special care must be given in vacations to the Roomba

Do not forget to clean the front wheel of Roomba from time to time (at least once a week) as well as the side wheels (clean once a week and replace when they deteriorate or wear out)

It is important to purchase original spare parts and accessories. We will avoid conflicts with the warranty and will avoid any deterioration or breakage of other elements.


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