Efluky Classic Blowing Voice Control LED Lamp-USB Wireless Rechargeable LED Night Lamp

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Color: Blue

Efluky Classic Blowing Voice Control LED Lamp-USB Wireless Rechargeable LED Night Lamp, Creative Kerosene Oil Design Lamp with dimmer control buttons, for indoor and outdoor, Read, Camping (blue)

Product Description

* Model: Blowing voice control lamp
* Voltage Rating: 12V
* Power: 0.3W
* Controlled Optics: No
* Light source: LED
* Lithium battery: 5V / 400mAh
* LED lifetime:> 50000 hours
* Charging time: USB charging 1 hour
* Use of time: About 8 hours (full of electricity)
* Size: 97 * 97 * 256mm
* Input / Current Voltage: 500mAh / 5V
* Lumen: 16-18LM
* If you blow the lamp's chimney, the LED light will be on, blowing the light off again. Dim Light / strong set.
* Burn once, the lamp is on. Again, it is turned off. It is easy to control and can be used flexibly. A great unique gift for friends, family, students, teachers, staff and so on.

SUPER QUALITY FOR LIGHT EYE PROTECTION: Uniform and soft light effect, glare, relieve eye strain. Built-in 1200mAh lithium battery environment, continuous lighting can be more than 8 hours.
Dimmer KEY control: turn the key to the left, the dimmer light and the right to make brighter; If set to the darkest brightness, the light begins to blink, like the effect of the candle.
Stylish design: A fun and unique look of the creative design oil lamp that mimics the appearance of the kerosene oil lamp and powered by an integrated battery, so that the lamp while modern classics.
APPLICABLE SCENE: night lamp, reading lamp, romantic dinner, outdoor camping, fishing, nostalgic jewelry.
Purchase without any risk: in addition to a 1-year hardware warranty, enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee. Professional service within 24 hours


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