efluky 50pcs hot glue stick

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Color: White

1. Hot glue for Mini-Glue gun, size: 7 mm (diameter) × 270 mm (length) .The most effective and professional complement to do the little DIY jobs in the home and office.
2. Clean and clear: strong transparent adhesive layer which is made from safe and reliable materials. For repairs, DIY, creative jobs. Paste in a stable and invisible way wood, metal, plastic, fabric, ceramics, glass, paper etc.
3. Save money: the single package contains 50 pieces of glue and is environmentally friendly. Non-toxic bottle as it is solvent-free.
4. Just fix your work cleanly with this stick which dries quickly, does not give off a bad smell. It dissolves quickly and strong adhesive. Ideal for everyday gluing projects and crafts.
5.100% satisfaction guarantee, your problem can be solved in 24 hours.

Quick reminder
- Always make sure to clean the stick before use.
- Do not take the glue out of the gun once used.
- In case the glue stick is too short, insert the new glue stick to push it inside and continue.
- Before stopping the operation remove the glue gun from the socket of the
current to interrupt continuous heating which could cause liquid glue to escape from the spout.

1 x 50 glue sticks

Color: transparent
Package: simple packing
Care time: 10-20S
Dimensions: 0.7 cm (diameter) x 27 cm (length)
Product name: transparent white viscosity rod
The main components: EVA tackifying resin
Curing time: 10 ~ 15 s
Softening point: 80 ° C ~ 85 ° C
Operating temperature: 140 ° C ~ 220 ° C
Field of application: plastic, metal, wood, paper, toys, furniture, handicrafts and food packaging, etc.


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