Efluky 43-in-1 Accessory Kit Outdoor Sports Bundle for GoPro Hero Session

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Color: Black

Efluky The floating stand is designed to hold your camera (you should use a waterproof case, not included) to float easily in the water. Bright yellow water can be easily found. It allows you to capture the wonderful moments in the water.
efluky ?Headband + Screw Long Bolt? The adjustable band is compatible with Gopro Hero 4 3 + 3 2 1 camera. It allows you to use the Gopro camera or the helmet on top of the head to record your previous people skiing and riding. And so on.
Efluky [self-stretching monomer + tripod mounting adapter + long screw] can be used with all small dots and digital cameras with timers and tripods. Adjustable head allows you to easily adjust the angle to extend the distance when shooting.
efluky [car screwdriver + long screw + installation adapter] with a lock and a long screw, compact, super design. The double hinged arm allows the head and frame angle to rotate 180 degrees. Suitable for all clean and flat surfaces, including dashboard carriages, windshield carriages, windowsill, boats, motorcycles. Only for non-impact activities
Efluky ?Belt + Hook? J "Buttoned Surface + Bolt Bolt] Harness J-Hook Strap and buckle to help your camera Gopro to continue firing and shooting chest For skydiving, cycling, diving, swimming, skating Como outdoor sports.

packing list

1 x Large EVA Camera Bag
1 x Chest Strap
1 x Head Strap
1 x Bicycle Handlebar
1 x Assembly Black Buckle gopro
3 x Flat surface support
2 x Support surface curved
5 x adhesive
1 x Selfie Stick Camera
1 x Floating Handle
1 x 360 degree swivel clip
1 x Extensible Monopod
1 x long connection
1 x short connection
1 x Mount Belt Helmet
1 x Magic Strap
1 x Suction cup holder
1 x selfie stick adapter
1 x Wrist Strap
1 x Extensible Pole
3 x Flexible Base
4 x Long Screws
2 x Screwdrivers
2 x J-Hook Mount
1 x Insurance Anchor strap
1 x Key
12 x Anti-fog inserts
1 x Silicone lens cover

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