Efluky 4.0Ah battery roomba + Spare Parts Brushes Kit for iRobot Roomba 700 Series

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Color: Blue

Capacity: 4.0Ah, can be run 2.5 to 3.5 hours without problems after full charge, EFLUKY is a battery-making factory.
Each Package Includes One Set of 14: 1 x roomba battery; 6x Filters; 3 x 3-Armed Side Brush; 1 x Bristle Brush; 1 x Flexible Beater Brush; 2 x Cleaning Tools ?Gift? 3 x screws
New spare parts kit for Roomba irobot 700 series-compatible with all roomba 700 series (700 720 750 760 765 770 772 772e 774 775 776 776p 780 782 782e 785 786 786 790 ect.)

Product description
Why should we regularly replace Roomba fittings?

Spare parts are not eternal. If we are careful and follow the manufacturer's instructions, they will look like it, but come to a use, spare parts come to an end.

We will see how often we need to change Roomba's accessories and how often we need to clean them and show some maintenance recommendations.

The battery
The battery can be for your irobot vacuum cleaner roomba run more good efluky Battery Roomba Pass By REACH, CE, ROHS, MSDS Certification Authority etc.Content: Brand new, high quality, high capacity battery for longer . comfortable to use in operation

Capacity: 4.0Ah, can be operated 2.5 to 3.5 hours without problems after full charge

The filters
- Conventional filters and Aerovac filters: like the brushes and the reservoir, the filters must be cleaned from time to time so that Roomba continues to clean with complete efficiency.

If you normally empty the tank every 2 or 3 cycles (depending on the dirt in the space) in the Series 700 and after each cleaning cycle the filters should also be cleaned from time to time, to avoid replacing them so assiduously, although the manufacturer recommends to change them every 3 months.

The brushes
Do not forget the maintenance of the central brushes. It is important to maintain the brush carriage well. The brushes, both central and lateral, should be cleaned every 1-2 cleaning cycles and replaced when broken or damaged

Each package includes a set of 14:
1 x 4.0ah battery roomba;
6 x filters;
3 x 3-armed Side Brush;
1 x Bristle Brush;
1 x Flexible Beater Brush;
2 cleaning tools;
3 x screws


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