3D Stereo Drawings Pen – 3Doodler Printer Print Pen for 3D- Drawing

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Color: Green

Package contents:
1 * 3rd Generation 3D Printer Pen
1 * Power Adapter
3 * 3M Printing Filament
1 * User manual


? 3D print spring replaces ink with plastic (1.75mm ABS and PLA filament) that are used to draw in the air or on a surface to create 3D object. Plastic melt cools very quickly, which makes the entire process safe.

? 3D printing pen bring your artwork ideas into reality with user-friendly features. You can easily control extrusion speed, temperature, filament; Most importantly, it is only 2.0 Oz weight compared to others in heavy execution.

? 3rd Generation 3D Stereo Drawing Pen is lightweight and very comfortable to use with user-friendly requirements and anti-fatigue. To meet the needs of painters, product designers, hobbyists, children, students, etc.

? Intelligent standby functional design. The product will be automatically put into standby mode after 5 minutes. Heaters will no longer work. Avoid running the way many users forget to turn off the device after leaving the result in potential danger.

? Speed control, a simple switch for speed dialing your practical purpose. The design includes added variable speed function, you can freely determine the in hand speed, allowing you to

? perform in the creation of real-time three-dimensional painting most practical and with ease.

Color green

Technical specifications:
Product: 3D Painting Pen
Unloading: Fuse Deposition Modeling
Material: ABS / PLA
Zozzle diameter: 0,7 mm
Power Adapter & Network Parameters: 100 / 250V 3A
Rated electrical parameters: DC 12V 2A 24W
Forming: 3D
Material diameter: 1.75 mm

Safety and warning:
1. This 3D pen is suitable for children from 8 years and adults; Children should be under the guardian of the adult.
2. The nozzle and environment can reach a 230 degree high temperature, keep your bare hands from the nozzle.
3. Keep it in safe place out of reach of children and to fall.


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