efluky 100pcs hot melt glue sticks 7x270mm for hot glue guns

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Color: White

THE BEST CHOICE. For its properties, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance of the gun and thanks to the size of the silicone bars allows an important ECONOMIC SAVINGS. Suitable for most mini glue guns.
EXTRA LONG. EXTRA LARGE 7x270mm hot melt glue sticks. Increase the performance of your work thanks to its size. More silicone than in conventional 100 mm glue sticks
PRACTICAL. The most effective and professional complement to perform your small DIY jobs in the home and office.Anti-aging, non-toxic, stable
CLEAN WORK Thanks to its components allows us to obtain a high precision and cleanliness in the work done, in an easy and SAFE way.
NEW, HIGH QUALITY. Ultra-hot hot silicone bars that allow an easy union in wood, plastic, metal, textile and other products.


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